Education and childcare

Independent and trusted advice about children's education and childcare, including fact sheets and guides about childcare options, and nanny agencies.

Family budgeting

Planning for baby

Going from two salaries to one and the costs of baby items can be daunting, but you can keep within budget.

9 Feb 2012 | Use our planning for baby guide to find out what you really need and ways to stay within your budget with our interactive budget tool.


Finding quality childcare

Finding good, affordable childcare can be a tough gig.

2 Feb 2012 | We've surveyed more than 200 parents and found fewer than half of parents with children in long day care are satisfied with the quality of care.

father teaching son about money

How to teach your kids about money

Learning to save and spend wisely is an invaluable lesson.

30 May 2011 | Start teaching your children the value of money and set them up for an independent future.

Sydney for Kids, a CHOICE book

Sydney for Kids

The Choice Guide to over 400 fun activities in and around Sydney, 5th edition

5 Aug 2010 | If you’re stuck for something to do with your kids on the weekend, then look no further than Sydney for Kids!

Child and teacher

Child care options guide

How do you find quality child care that matches your requirements?

1 Sep 2009 | Long waiting lists and lack of choice over which days, the number of days and the type of child care available are the major problems when looking for child care.

Child reading

Saving for your child's education

The cost of education is constantly rising so it makes sense to start saving as early as possible.

30 Jul 2008 | An education savings plan can be as simple as putting a few dollars a week into a high-interest account or as complex as developing a share portfolio.

Carer playing with children

Nanny agency services guide

It’s an unregulated industry and they’re dealing with your children, so it pays to do your research.

4 Jul 2008 | Finding a nanny can be time-consuming, stressful and hard work. A good nanny agency can make the process faster and easier, and provide peace of mind.

Baby playing

Childcare survey reveals inequities

Available, affordable, high-quality care is still out of reach for many families.

31 Oct 2006 | To find out Australians' experiences of the childcare system, CHOICE sent a survey to people with children six years or younger and who have used or looked for childcare.

Children with backpacks

School backpacks buying guide

An ergonomic backpack can reduce back and neck pain, but only if carried correctly.

11 Nov 2005 | The stuff high-school students carry around some days can certainly add up. That’s where a good, versatile backpack comes in.


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