Your rights to live shows

19 Mar 2014 | The Rolling Stones announced today the cancellation of their Australian tour following the death of Stones front-man Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, L’Wren Scott.

CHOICE says financial advice rollback is a step in the wrong direction

28 Dec 2013 | CHOICE says the needs of consumers must to be given more consideration in reforms to the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) legislation announced by the Federal Government today.

Refund rights

26 Dec 2013 | If you’ve unwrapped a dud this Christmas it’s important to know your rights when it comes to refunds, repairs and replacements. It doesn’t matter if the faulty product was purchased from a bricks and mortar retailer, an Australian website or an overseas website - consumers are protected by the same Australian Consumer Law.¹

Free range porkies

23 Dec 2013 | If you’re looking to put some pork on your fork this holiday, you may find yourself paying up to 600% more for free-range products.

Health insurance rises outpace CPI

23 Dec 2013 | With the Federal government signing off on private health insurance price rises for 2014, CHOICE is calling on Australians to health-check their insurance and make sure they have the cover need at a competitive price.

Food industry failure on front-of-pack labelling

12 Dec 2013 | Food industry failure on front-of-pack labelling

CHOICE welcomes ACCC free range crackdown

10 Dec 2013 | CHOICE has welcomed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) decision to pursue two egg producers for misleading ‘free-range’ claims.

Big food multinationals undermine healthy eating push

6 Dec 2013 | onsumer and public health groups have condemned efforts by the food industry to undermine a new front-of-pack food labelling system agreed to earlier this year.

Consumer funded ad slams secret trade treaty

5 Dec 2013 | CHOICE will be running an advertisement in The Australian papers tomorrow (5 December) to inform the Australian public about the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement being negotiated in Singapore this weekend.

Pretty unfair

4 Dec 2013 | A CHOICE review of some popular lipsticks, moisturizers and colognes has found Australians are paying up to 200% more than overseas consumers for exactly the same products.

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