Demand a drop or ditch

5 Jun 2012 | CHOICE says that Australian consumers expect the big four banks to pass on today’s Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) cash rate cut in full.

Consumers reject Egg Corp's free-range farce

31 May 2012 | A new survey by CHOICE has revealed less than 1% of respondents think the egg industry’s proposed free-range egg standard meets their expectations of what free range means.

CHOICE CEO returns to UK

29 May 2012 | After three and a half years at CHOICE, CEO Nick Stace has announced he is leaving the organisation to move back to the UK with his family.

Time to act as home and contents premium hikes hit consumers

29 May 2012 | CHOICE says, with 89 percent of respondents to its latest insurance review reporting that they are paying more for premiums, it’s time for all levels of government to work with the insurance industry to improve local planning and infrastructure, particularly in towns where floods are inevitable.

Government hits ‘cancel’ on broader ATM benefits

25 May 2012 | CHOICE says that today’s ATM announcement from the Federal Government is a missed opportunity to make essential banking services fairer for Australian consumers.

Don’t forget dads when buying baby slings

25 May 2012 | CHOICE says, with close to one in four fathers experiencing problems when using a baby sling, parents should choose carefully when buying the infant carrying devices.

Choice's top baby safety devices

23 May 2012 | With three out of four serious injuries to young children occurring in or around the home,¹ CHOICE has named the top five safety items parents should have in their homes.

CHOICE safety warning on baby bassinets

23 May 2012 | CHOICE says, with the majority of bassinets it has tested falling short of its minimum safety standards, an Australian Standard is needed to give parents confidence in the bassinets they are buying.

Call for updated stroller safety standard

22 May 2012 | CHOICE is calling for Australia’s mandatory stroller safety standards to be updated to address emerging trends in stroller design and recently identified hazards.

CHOICE estimates Qantas collecting $100m extra in surcharges

18 May 2012 | CHOICE says Qantas’ credit card surcharges may be costing travellers $100 million more than the airline pays to process the payments.

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