CHOICE calls on ACCC to reject Egg Corp's free- range plan

6 Jul 2012 | Over 3,000 consumers have called on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to reject the Australian Egg Corporation Limited’s proposal to raise free range stocking densities.

Top dollar doesn't give you the whitest smile

4 Jul 2012 | CHOICE says consumers are paying more for marketing spin than real benefits when they buy higher priced toothpaste.

Consumer travel protection under a cloud

29 Jun 2012 | CHOICE says the future of consumer travel protection is under a cloud ahead of next Friday’s meeting of Australian consumer ministers in Adelaide.

July 1 brings big changes for consumers

28 Jun 2012 | CHOICE says 1 July 2012 signals a number of changes and financial reforms that will significantly affect consumers.

Bank fees on the way down but don't stop now

21 Jun 2012 | CHOICE says households are starting to see the benefits of action to reduce unfair bank fees, and that pressure needs to be maintained, especially on credit cards.

Win for consumers with financial advice reforms

20 Jun 2012 | CHOICE says consumers have more reason to be confident in the financial advice they receive, with the successful passage in the Senate of the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms.

Chemicals in clothing concern for consumers

20 Jun 2012 | CHOICE says that inadequate chemical regulation for imported textiles, clothing and footwear means that consumers are unaware that they could be wearing toxic chemicals.

RBA delivers surcharge win for consumers

12 Jun 2012 | CHOICE says that today’s announcement by the Reserve Bank is a welcome consumer reform that will bring an end to excessive credit card surcharges.

ANZ rate response the right move

8 Jun 2012 | CHOICE says the ANZ’s decision to pass on the RBA’s interest rate cut in full is welcome news for consumers and encourages other lenders to do the same.

Curtain raised on real cost of tickets

8 Jun 2012 | CHOICE says, with the real cost of tickets to entertainment and sporting events hidden due to ‘inside charges’¹, ticket agency booking fees need to reflect the real cost of administering the tickets - making them clear before someone starts the booking process.

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