Coles and Woolies Australia-first sourcing policies more rhetoric than reality

6 Sep 2012 | CHOICE says the advertising campaigns being run by Coles and Woolworths showing support for Australian suppliers and producers are not reflected in the supermarket home-brand products shoppers are finding on the shelves.

Locally brewed foreign beers hold their own

29 Aug 2012 | CHOICE says locally brewed versions of foreign beers are equal to and sometimes superior in taste and quality to the imported versions of the same label.

CHOICE welcomes inquiry into soaring electricity prices

23 Aug 2012 | CHOICE has welcomed the announcement that all sides of politics will work together in the Senate to address the causes of soaring electricity prices.

Coconut drink health claims don't hold water

22 Aug 2012 | CHOICE says people who are buying coconut water because of advertised health benefits are wasting their money.

CHOICE welcomes new CEO

13 Aug 2012 | CHOICE today announced that Alan Kirkland will take over the reins as the new CEO bringing with him over 15 years experience in advocacy and the not-for-profit sector.

ACOSS and CHOICE call for States to come on board national consumer energy reforms

9 Aug 2012 | CHOICE and the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) have called on all jurisdictions to urgently embrace improved protections and information for Australian energy consumers.

Focus on energy market reform long overdue

7 Aug 2012 | CHOICE has welcomed today’s focus from the Prime Minister on energy market reform, and says an overhaul of Australia’s energy sector is well overdue.

Multi-vitamin marketing easily swallowed by confused consumers

7 Aug 2012 | CHOICE says marketing tactics are persuading healthy people to use multi-vitamin/mineral supplements that they may not need.

Food ministers serve up health marketing free-for-all

20 Jul 2012 | CHOICE says the decision by food and health ministers to abandon the independent verification of new health claims shows the industry effectively has a veto over food labelling policy.

Australians on wrong side of digital price divide

19 Jul 2012 | CHOICE says Australians who purchase music downloads, PC and console games, as well as computer software and hardware, are paying approximately 50% more than shoppers in the US.

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