Traditional Hot Cross Buns still the favourite

Coles hops into first place in taste test

Despite the huge variety of hot cross buns on the market, the traditional fruit buns are still the clear favourite according to a CHOICE taste test.

The blind test involved 22 people tasting traditional fruit, chocolate and fruit-free buns.  16 tasters said they preferred the traditional fruit buns and six reported that chocolate was their favourite. 
None of the testers liked the fruit-free buns with both the Coles and Woolworths brands attracting comments like "why bother?", "what's the point?" and "not very hot cross bunny".

When it comes to brand preference, Coles topped the traditional category with Brumby's being the clear favourite of the chocolate variety.

Traditional fruit hot cross buns listed in order of brand preference:

  1. Coles Fresh Baked Hot Cross Buns 30% Fruit
  2. Tip Top Tradition Hot Cross Buns
  3. Brumby's Traditional Hot Cross Buns
  4. Bakers Delight Original Hot Cross Buns
  5. Woolworths Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Chocolate hot cross buns listed in order of brand preference:

  1. Brumby's Double Choc Hot Cross Buns
  2. Woolworths Mini Hot Cross Buns Choc Chip and Bakers Delight Hot Cross Buns Choc Chip (equal second)
  3. Woolworths Hot Cross Buns Mocha
  4. Coles Fresh Baked Hot Cross Buns Chocolate Chip

"The fact that Coles topped the taste test for traditional fruit buns but came last in the chocolate category suggests one brand does not reign supreme," says CHOICE Spokesperson Ingrid Just.
When it comes to peel, a CHOICE poll also found that of the 78% of people who prefer traditional fruit hot cross buns, more than half prefer those without peel.
"Bakeries and supermarkets have discovered the sales benefits to segmenting the hot cross bun market - gone are the days when traditional buns with peel are the only option."
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Media Contact:

  • Ingrid Just, CHOICE, Spokesperson: 0430 172 669

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One a penny, two a penny… we test a range of hot cross buns to find out which brand comes out on top.

6 Apr 2011 | Our tasters gave us their verdict on fruit, fruit-free and choc chip varieties.


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