Better bills can plug information gap about why costs rise

Time to focus on the big picture of energy costs

CHOICE welcomes the NSW Government’s move to provide consumers with more information about higher energy bills and says the approach should go national to include other reasons for rising costs.

The NSW Government says energy retailers will soon have to itemise carbon and renewable energy costs on household bills and CHOICE believes this right to know could go further to scrutinise other much higher costs.

CHOICE believes bills should provide a basic break down so that consumers can see where their money is going, including electricity transmission, distribution, retail and environmental costs.

They should also receive comparisons to average household bills, for example in their suburb.

“The main factor driving NSW electricity costs the next few years is building more poles and wires, with electricity distribution costs increasing by 62% between 2009-10 and 2012-131, but there is nowhere near enough pressure to reform the energy sector and break this cycle,” Mr Levey says.

“When there’s evidence that every dollar spent on cutting demand by say improving energy efficiency could save more than two dollars, making prices fairer and more transparent for households should be a priority, not just in NSW but around Australia.”

CHOICE is campaigning for reforms to the energy sector to create fairer prices, better products and more empowered energy consumers. Read more about CHOICE's energy campaign.

Media contact: Matt Levey, CHOICE Head of Campaigns – 0488 214 066

1For example, see the figures on pages 14 and 20 of

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