Travel jabs can hurt wallet as well as arm

14 Apr 2011 | A CHOICE report has found that some consumers may be given travel vaccinations they don't need.

Traditional Hot Cross Buns still the favourite

7 Apr 2011 | A CHOICE taste test determines which Hot Cross Buns are the Easter favourite.

CHOICE Awards the best in goods and services

31 Mar 2011 | CHOICE announces the winners of the 2011 CHOICE Awards.

Nominees and shortlist announced for 2011 CHOICE Awards

28 Mar 2011 | Find out who has been nominated for a 2011 CHOICE Award.

Milk taste test show hardly a drop of difference

21 Mar 2011 | A CHOICE taste test has concluded that premium brand milk does not taste any better than supermarket brand milk.

Move your money

15 Mar 2011 | Choice Says ‘Move Your Money’ To Beat The Big Banks’ $153 Billion Dollar Bonanza.

Pharmacies opening a Pandora's box of quackery

9 Mar 2011 | A CHOICE report questions whether pharmacies should be selling products that are not proven to work.

Better banking within reach says CHOICE

3 Mar 2011 | A new CHOICE report sets out the practical steps banks can take within the next 12 months to herald a new consumer friendly age of banking.

Milk price fight highlights need for stronger competition

1 Mar 2011 | CHOICE believes the milk price battle will have a negative long-term effect.

CHOICE greets new spotlight on banking complaints

28 Feb 2011 | A new Financial Ombudsman Service report states that complaints have a good likelihood of reaching them.

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