Aussies pay more for too many goods - please explain

26 May 2011 | Digital age challenges retailers to give better choice, prices and service.

Signs of a brighter financial advice future

25 May 2011 | CHOICE advises Australians to use Financial Planning Week as an opportunity to get the best financial advice without hidden commissions.

Boom-bust cycle creates solar panel traps

24 May 2011 | A CHOICE report found that the rush to install solar panels is creating potential safety hazards.

Made in where...?

18 May 2011 | A CHOICE survey found that many consumers 99% donot have a good understanding of what the 'Made in Australia' label means.

No more delays for better banking

6 May 2011 | Immediate steps should be taken to ensure a more competitive banking sector.

Thin evidence that diet pills work

4 May 2011 | A CHOICE review of leading diet and weight loss pills has found many are not rigorously tested.

New ACCC and ASIC chiefs opportunities for consumer renewal

3 May 2011 | CHOICE welcomes the announcement of new heads for the ACCC and ASIC

Financial advice reforms to benefit planners & consumers

28 Apr 2011 | CHOICE welcomes the federal government’s proposed reforms to the financial planning industry as a very significant step forward.

Consumer and Industry Agreement calls for Supermarket Ombudsman

20 Apr 2011 | CHOICE and the Australian Food and Grocery Council are calling for the establishment of a Supermarket Ombudsman

Dodgy dealings in car rental contracts

19 Apr 2011 | Consumers are urged to read the fine print on car rental contracts.

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