Reforms mean better and more affordable financial advice

30 Aug 2011 | CHOICE says the government’s release of draft reforms to the financial advice sector are extremely significant, as they put consumers first and reduce the control of vested industry interests.

Traffic lights make healthy choices easier

29 Aug 2011 | CHOICE says that a survey released today by the Australian Food and Grocery Council [AFGC] tells only half the story on front-of-pack labels. The people’s watchdog is calling for the introduction of a traffic lights system, providing consumers with information at a glance.

Creative consumer complaints get heard

24 Aug 2011 | CHOICE says consumers who feel their complaints are being ignored are getting better results when they use social media, online forums and blogs to vent their frustrations.

Ditch and switch with less of a hitch

22 Aug 2011 | CHOICE has largely welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of ‘tick and flick’ reforms that will make it easier for consumers to switch bank accounts from 1 July next year.

Spoonful of muesli may be mouthful of sugar and fat

17 Aug 2011 | CHOICE says anyone who thinks muesli automatically means a healthy, low kilojoule, low sugar breakfast needs to carefully check the nutritional information panel on the box.

Smart surfing needed to find cheapest flights online

9 Aug 2011 | CHOICE says travellers booking flights online can save hundreds of dollars by expanding their searches beyond the best known flight comparison sites.

Retailers - help your customers help you to innovate

4 Aug 2011 | CHOICE welcomes the Productivity Commission’s draft report into the Australian retail industry, saying it supports arguments in the consumer group’s submission to the inquiry.

Thousands sign up on day 1 of CHOICE Big Bank Switch

1 Aug 2011 | After just a few hours thousands of Australian mortgage holders have registered to be part of the CHOICE big Bank Switch, to get a better deal on their mortgage.

Fighting cost of living pressures with first ever Big Bank Switch

31 Jul 2011 | In an Australian first, the people’s watchdog CHOICE, launches the CHOICE Big Bank Switch which aims to find 1000 Australians willing to switch mortgages to find a better deal.

More work needed to lift home energy rating system

28 Jul 2011 | CHOICE says compliance problems with minimum energy standards for homes may be leaving consumers worse off with higher energy bills and homes with lower market value.

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