Muffin slices, fruit cups and 'faux-gurt' bars

28 Feb 2011 | A CHOICE report found that some 'healthy' snacks are not what they seem.

Don't sweat over your antiperspirant

23 Feb 2011 | Claims made on antiperspirants are often hard to verify, a CHOICE report has found.

$2 ATM fee to check bank accounts 'unbalanced'

17 Feb 2011 | A new report on ATMs shows that past reforms are not working well enough for consumers.

Valentines guide to gifts

11 Feb 2011 | Sneaky choc hoarders busted as buds bloom in price.

Let's go Dutch with bank switching

9 Feb 2011 | A new bank switching scheme modeled on the service used in the Netherlands could potentially see 100,000 consumers change their bank.

Just 'sleep on it' for pillows test is best

4 Feb 2011 | A CHOICE survey of more than 1000 members has found latex pillows offer the most comfort and best sleep.

Food Labelling Review - mostly healthy but missing a few key ingredients

28 Jan 2011 | CHOICE wants the government to accept and implement the recommondations without delay.

Guts & hopes busted by weight-loss myths

28 Jan 2011 | Too many weight-loss tips can hinder, rather than help slimmers.

High tech shopping - from cards to carts

21 Jan 2011 | High-tech items like self-service checkouts and VIP trolleys promise speed, convenience and even more information. But just how useful are they?

Vitamin Waters = H20 + sugar + spin

10 Jan 2011 | Nutrient enriched lolly water far from natural

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