Healthy, wealthy and wise

13 Sep 2010 | A CHOICE study shows that there is sometimes little difference between budget and premium brand foods.

Health risks in a can

10 Sep 2010 | CHOICE has found that a range of popular canned foods contains concerning levels of Bisphenol A (BPA).

Taking it to the people

9 Sep 2010 | CHOICE is going on the road to talk to various communities about consumer issues around the country.

Coles (n)online pricing

8 Sep 2010 | CHOICE thinks that Coles supermarket should reconsider its decision and publish prices online.

What's best for your pet

7 Sep 2010 | Your pet may be getting vaccinated too often and unnecessarily.

Grocery price bunfight - let's see the proof

6 Aug 2010 | CHOICE wants supermarkets to avoid making misleading claims about their prices by being truly transparent and posting the in-store cost of groceries online.

Super satisfaction survey

6 Aug 2010 | A CHOICE survey found that nearly a quarter of retail super fund investors are thinking of switching to other superannuation options.

"Moving forward" on consumer issues

27 Jul 2010 | CHOICE is challenging the major political parties to state their position on consumer issues in the lead up to the Federal election.

The daily grind a matter of taste

23 Jul 2010 | CHOICE put the big chains' coffee beans and coffee makers to the test and found big differences in quality and consistency.

CHOICE welcomes superannuation review

16 Jul 2010 | The Cooper report into Australia's Superannuation System has addressed a number of key concerns.

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