CHOICE responds to announcement of inquiry into retail sector

18 Dec 2010 | CHOICE welcomes the Productivity Commission's inquiry.

Super reforms will deliver billions in fee relief for consumers

16 Dec 2010 | CHOICE welcomes the government's response to the Cooper review into superannuation.

Government announces banking reform package

13 Dec 2010 | CHOICE welcomes the reforms but thinks more work needs to be done.

Charity giving, festive nibbling and best buys

9 Dec 2010 | CHOICE lets you know the best buys for the holiday season.

Save hundreds of dollars by switching banks

6 Dec 2010 | Australian families can give themselves an early Christmas present with the hundreds of dollars saved by switching home loans, savings accounts and credit cards to cheaper options.

One year on with unit pricing - more work needed

1 Dec 2010 | A year after unit pricing became mandatory on supermarket shelves, CHOICE believes more work is needed to ensure it's effective.

Fresh food fight

30 Nov 2010 | A CHOICE report found that not all fresh food is as fresh as it seems.

Challenge to bricks'n mortar stores is technology not tax

25 Nov 2010 | CHOICE calls for commonsense in online GST free debate

Supermarket steak vs premium butcher's cut

22 Nov 2010 | How does supermarket beef stack up against cuts from specialised butchers?

Beware gift cards that give up the ghost

17 Nov 2010 | A CHOICE report found that many gift cards expire before consumers have the chance to use them.

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