CHOICE partners with leading consultancy ahead of revamp

1 Apr 2009 | CHOICE partners with leading consultancy ahead of revamp.

Qantas frequent flyers earn wings in survey

31 Mar 2009 | But value for money still a key factor when choosing an airline.

Supermarket cakes jam-packed with additives

30 Mar 2009 | A CHOICE investigation into supermarket cakes has found some contain more than 20 additives, including those used to prolong shelf life or cover up cheaper ingredients.

Little reward in some credit card schemes

20 Mar 2009 | Rewards cards only worth it with $2000+ spend per month.

Kids big losers from prime-time junk ads

15 Mar 2009 | CHOICE calls for overhaul of food ads

Shameless spin - costly ink and digital TV cables

11 Mar 2009 | Tricks used to get you to pay more for printing and TV viewing.

Households coughing up for greenhouse bills

9 Mar 2009 | Call to make consumers’ reduced emissions count.

Credulity squeezed by leaky juice health claims

4 Mar 2009 | Survey finds not enough extracts to make much difference.

Survey shows the ugly face of cosmetic surgery

25 Feb 2009 | Need to check closely after unprofessional practices revealed.

Premium mobile phone services rip off continues

20 Feb 2009 | New survey uncovers serious problems.

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