Banned chemicals freely available in oz homes

11 May 2009 | Rules on risky chemicals out of step with world’s best practice.

Junk science used to hard sell cosmetic products

11 May 2009 | CHOICE says “clinically proven” studies are often bunkum

Consumer demand to flex their green power

8 May 2009 | GreenPower customers angry their voluntary actions still won't count.

Be fighting fit against unfair gym membership conditions

4 May 2009 | A CHOICE undercover survey of gyms has found while the industry is efficient at signing up members it can be far less vigilant in explaining the prices, contract and cancellation terms.

FPA farewells commission based renumeration

4 May 2009 | Consumer group CHOICE welcomes the Financial Planning Associations’ announcement.

Woolies baskets cheaper again in supermarket price check

1 May 2009 | But location counts - $10 difference between Tas and Vic.

Australia ranks poorly on global copyright list

30 Apr 2009 | International report names best and worst IP regimes.

Most brekky cereals still failing kids

29 Apr 2009 | Sugar and sodium overload in most important meal of the day.

Pool fence safer with mandatory standards

24 Apr 2009 | Five out of 16 pool fences fail strength test for forced openings.

Clipping the ticket duopoly spells less competition

8 Apr 2009 | Add-on fees should be clearer and disclosed up front.

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