Phone cards' hidden charges way out of line

28 Sep 2009 | Phoney fees and charges lurk in the small print

Industry group leaves greenwash loopholes

16 Sep 2009 | CHOICE says the new green code launched today needs to be properly interpreted and enforced.

CHOICE welcomes Telstra reform

15 Sep 2009 | Consumers will benefit from fair competition.

Telstra drops the $2.20 fee*

14 Sep 2009 | *Well, the fee has almost been dropped.

Don't blow it by relying on personal breathalysers

8 Sep 2009 | CHOICE tests show lower-cost models unreliable.

Avoid whitewash to find value in milk brands

1 Sep 2009 | CHOICE says milk doesn’t need all the extras to be good for you.

Don't just cop unfair or mistaken traffic fines

30 Aug 2009 | Motorists who believe they have been mistakenly or unfairly hit with a parking fine have three options.

The beef about organic meat

30 Aug 2009 | A CHOICE survey of butchers who sell organic meat has found widespread confusion in the information given to consumers about what the term ‘organic’ means and who certifies it.

Financial advice conflicts must end

19 Aug 2009 | Consumer group CHOICE welcomes recommendations from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for sweeping reforms for the financial advice industry.

Recession's easing but how's your personal economy?

18 Aug 2009 | CHOICE expert helps you make the most of what you’ve got.

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