Car maintenance

Independent and trusted guides to car servicing centres and car cleaning options.


Steering clear of car repair scams

Not all motor vehicle repairers are doing the right thing.

14 Aug 2012 | Car repair shops are coming under greater scrutiny in NSW and WA, but consumer awareness is still the first line of defence.

bucket and sponge

Car cleaning options review and compare

How can you save water while washing your car? CHOICE investigates.

28 Nov 2008 | Whether you wash your car with a sense of pride or dread, you need water to do it effectively. And living in the world’s driest inhabited continent, a strong sense of conservation is also essential.

Car mechanic

Car servicing centres guide

Think you'll get a better service from the dealer's service centre? Think again.

30 Apr 2008 | When you hand your car over for a service, you’d hope for — and it’s certainly not unreasonable to expect — honest and expert advice about the condition of your car and any repairs needed.


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