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Real estate's influence on newspapers

Should you believe everything you read in the property section of your newspaper? CHOICE investigates.

19 Oct 2011 | Where does advertising end and editorial begin in the murky grey area between the glossy snapshots and auction listings?

Laptop - hand holding house

Automated property valuations

Are they reliable or just a waste of money?

21 Feb 2008 | Websites that offer automated property valuations often use emotive language to sell their services.

Toy house and calculator

Guide to selling your property

How to find a good real estate agent and avoid the pitfalls.

21 Sep 2007 | Who should you believe when you ask agents to assess your property’s value?


Negative gearing

An easy way to profit from residential property or a fashionable way to lose money?

7 Jan 2006 | Negative gearing is being promoted as a way small investors can make money from the property market, but are these claims are too good to be true?


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