Managing debt

Independent and trusted investigations and guides to help you manage debt and understand your credit rating.

A new credit reporting regime can lead to black marks appearing on your credit report and credit rating.

Protect your credit rating

Even if you’re just two weeks late paying a bill, new credit reporting rules meant a black mark on your credit rating. But there's a welcome development.

10 Apr 2014 | A new credit reporting regime means if you pay your credit card or car loan more than 14 days late it’ll put a black mark on your credit rating.


Consolidating your debt

Should you pay to have your debt administered?

22 Jun 2012 | By using a debt consolidation business you could end up paying more in the long run than you would dealing directly with the creditors.

debt relief - cut up the credit card

Debt relief

If you lose your job, how will you pay your bills? CHOICE outlines your options.

20 Apr 2009 | Debt relief companies are reporting extreme cases of consumers carrying up to $400,000 in credit card debt on 50 separate credit cards.


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