Fridge thermometer reviews

We tested 24 fridge thermometers of varying types to find out which give the most accurate readings.
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The following models scored the best results in our test.

What to buy
Brand Price
Atech Thermo Equipment In-Out Thermo QM6326 $19.95
Duratech Thermometer Module LCD with alarm and probe XC0224 $39.95
Jaycar (unbranded) Fridge / Freezer Thermometer QM7209 $16.95
Trenton (unbranded) Fridge / Freezer Thermometer 30805 $20.00


What about the rest?

The remaining 20 models in our test were less efficient (some totally inefficient) and not as easy to use, therefore we have chosen only to report on the top four recommended models.

Note: Fridge temperatures vary as the motor runs and stops, when the door is opened, and when warm food is added, so it’s best to check the temperature several times until you get it stabilised.

Which type is best?

All the indoor/outdoor thermometers worked well and are very good for setting fridge and freezer temperatures because both compartments can be measured at once. For best results, put the temperature sensors between some food items. You need to tape a wire between the fridge and freezer to measure both compartments at once, however, which can be unsightly.

Most of the digital thermometers with a probe also worked well and are easy to set up. You put the probe between food items or in a small bottle of water, and the temperature’s shown on a digital readout. They can’t be used permanently in the freezer, though, as the batteries can stop working, unless the probe is separate from the display, as in the Duratech.

Simple air thermometers just have a dial with a needle showing the temperature. The air thermometers we tested were mostly inaccurate.


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