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  • Updated:8 Jan 2005

03.Product profiles

Profiles for the four multifold ladders worth considering. The multifold ladders not recommended, and the stepladders, are not profiled.

Ladders are listed in rank order of overall ease of use. Prices are what we paid in March 2005 unless otherwise indicated.

BUNNINGS Heavy Duty Multipurpose Ladder

Price: $169

Good points

  • Best ease of use overall.
  • Very good straight ladder.
  • Good stepladder.
  • Good work platform.

Bad points

  • Marginally failed tread to stile shear test.

BRONSON 12 Step Multifold Ladder (Scaffold model) C3700

Price: $159

Good points

  • Very good work platform — comes with removable planks for this purpose.

Bad points

  • Difficult to set up.
  • Failed the unlocked joint test.
  • A little unstable on even surfaces when used as a stepladder.

GEELONG Aluminium Multifold Ladder MFL 2.6

Price: $95

Good points

  • Good straight ladder and work platform.
  • 5 year warranty.

Bad points

  • Failed the unlocked joint test.
  • Difficult to set up.
  • Heavy for its size (it's smaller than the other models).
  • Potential finger trap in the joints.


Price: $193

Good points

  • Passed all tests.
  • Good stepladder.
  • Has one adjustable-length leg, making the ladder more stable on uneven ground.
  • Joint locks are designed to ensure that both joints (of a pair) lock simultaneously, so that you can’t accidentally lock only one.
  • Lightweight (compared to other multipurpose ladders).

Bad points

  • Very difficult to set up — the joint locks can be hard to operate. You need to carefully ensure the locks have fully engaged or disengaged before use.
  • Poor extension ladder — it flexes significantly when climbed on, which you might find this disconcerting.
  • Poor work platform, and it needs a special plank in this configuration, which you need to make yourself.

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