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Most people are happy with the results of their laser eye surgery.
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  • Updated:3 Apr 2007

06.Your experiences

Extremely happy, but not glasses-free

Georgia from Bega, NSW, had LASIK surgery a few years ago after early, unsuccessful PRK treatment, and is “extremely happy” with the results, although it hasn’t left her glasses-free.

“I can legally drive a car without glasses and only need my glasses occasionally,” she says. “Before the treatment I had a myopia of –7, which meant I had to leave my glasses beside my bed so when I awoke I could find them to read the time on the bedside clock. Being short-sighted controlled my life, now it doesn’t,” Georgia says.

She now chooses to wear glasses when she wants to see really clearly — such as for driving at night, or at the movies. Otherwise she doesn’t need them.

“It’s given me much greater freedom, even if it’s only perceived. I didn’t expect to get 20/20 vision after the operation, and I think that was the most important thing in the way I view the success of the treatment … I have no regrets.”

Unobscured view down the ski slope

Jim, of Echuca, Victoria, couldn’t tolerate contact lenses, so was stuck with glasses for 30 years and got pretty tired of wearing them all waking hours.

"The worst for me was when snow-skiing, which I loved. I’d get partway down a run and the glasses would fog up from the exertion, so I’d have to stop three or four times to wipe them. If I left the glasses off, I couldn’t see ruts and bumps and kept falling over," he says.

A few years ago Jim gave LASIK a go. Apart from a few days of gritty and dry eyes, he had no complications. With his dominant eye he now has better than normal vision. The other eye was deliberately left a little short-sighted so he can read fine print without glasses.

"I can see better than I ever could with spectacles,” he says, “and six years later it still gives me pleasure to be able to look at things without those pesky bits of optical plastic in the way. Pity I’m too old for skiing now …"


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