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What kind of sunglasses should you look for to protect you from the harsh Australian sun?
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03.When and where to wear sunglasses

The experts CHOICE spoke to say sunglasses should be worn when you’re outside most of the time in Australia. 

Here’s a guide to the most critical places and times of the day.

During summer

The level of UV radiation at noon in summer can be more than three times as high as in winter. More importantly, the levels of UVB – the type of UV that causes the most damage – can be as much as 10 times higher (which is why sunburn takes such a short time in summer).

Around noon (1PM during daylight saving)

Seventy per cent of the harmful UVB radiation that is received each day occurs within three hours either side of this time.

On the beach and on the water

There are usually few buildings or structures to block the sun or sky, so people are exposed to direct and scattered radiation from the whole sky as well as reflections from water.

High-altitude skiing

Solar UV radiation increases with altitude, and at 2000m can be as much as 30% higher than at sea level. The high reflectivity of snow worsens the problem, so that the UV radiation dose to the eye can be quite large.


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