Home gym on a shoestring

A few CHOICE buys will give you an effective home gym that costs less than $100.
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04.To buy or not to buy

What not to buy

  • You might be tempted to buy a set of attractively packaged, reasonably priced non-adjustable dumbbells with varying weights up to one or two kilos. However, you'll outgrow lighter weights very quickly and will inevitably need to buy (more expensive) heavier ones. Set-weight dumbells have their place, particularly among serious weightlifters who like being able to change weights quickly. For most people though, a set of adjustable dumbbells, to which you can add more weights if necessary, is a better long-term investment.
  • Abdominal exercise devices can make doing sit-ups and crunches easier – and perhaps too easy. They’re bulky, useful only for one type of exercise and you’ll probably outgrow them quickly. Don’t even bother with the electronic ab-toning belts!

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