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A few CHOICE buys will give you an effective home gym that costs less than $100.
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02.Resistance tubes

HomeGyms_bandsResistance tubes

Resistance tubes are heavy-duty elastic cords designed for strengthening muscles. They often come with padded handles and in a variety of forms, such as single strands, multiple strands, figure-8s and loops. Resistance bands are a similar concept, but are flat, wide sheets of latex, often used for physiotherapy, yoga and pilates.

Tubes range in price from a few dollars to $40 each. A kit with several tubes in a range of resistance levels, a door attachment, ankle cuff and a DVD or poster demonstrating the exercises costs about $50. Another kind of kit has several tubes and detachable handles – use one or more tubes at a time to alter resistance. Or, get a couple of tubes with different levels of resistance.

Fit balls with attached resistance bands are also available – just make sure you can replace the bands when the original bands get too easy.


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HomeGyms_dumbells Free weights: barbell or dumbbells

A barbell is a long, weighted bar with “plates” attached, which is held with two hands; dumbbells are for one hand. Dumbbells are often recommended for beginners because they allow you to focus on particular muscles, one side at a time, to develop good technique. They offer a greater range of motion and require greater use of stabiliser muscles to keep balanced. They’re extremely versatile and can exercise just about every muscle group. However, barbells are much more convenient when you want to work with heavy weights, such as when you do squats and deadlifts.

If you’re just beginning strength training, you could start with dumbbells ($80 for a 20kg set) and buy a barbell later. You need different weights for different exercises, so it’s worth looking for collars that allow a relatively quick change of plates: spring clips (where you squeeze the clip handles to release the collar from the bar) and spin lock collars (where the collar screws on from the end of the bar) are recommended.


• You can add plates to your set as you progress.
• Can be used for exercising all muscles.
• Relatively easy to store.
• Plates can be used on their own to increase difficulty of squats, sit-ups, etc.


• Dangerous – keep out of reach of children.
• Easy to injure yourself with poor technique and heavy weights.

Optional extras

  • A fit ball forms an unstable platform for sitting or lying on while doing exercises. It’s much more difficult than sHomeGyms_ballitting or lying on a bench and you need to stabilise by using deeper muscles within your torso (so-called core muscles) that are important for posture. On the downside, it’s bulky and can’t be easily stored.
  • An exercise mat may be useful if you have hard floors or a dodgy vacuum cleaner.
  • Skipping is great cardiovascular exercise and a skipping rope can cost as little as a few dollars. You can skip just about anywhere, and it can also improve coordination and stamina.
  • Kettlebells are one of the latest exercise crazes, with various full-body exercises possible. They’re available in slightly different variations on a basic design, which resembles a cannonball with a handle. They cost from $40 for 8kg (which is the recommended starting weight for women), while $65 will buy you a 16kg kettlebell (the recommended starting weight for men). However, you’ll probably need to upgrade in a few weeks, which makes them more expensive in the long run.
  • Push-up handles help make push-ups more comfortable on the wrists and cheap ones can be found for $10-$12.
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