Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides. Compare prices and performance of printers for your home or business. Including laser printers, inkjet printers, printer ink and multifunction printers.

printer close up

Standard printers review

We test 24 inkjet, colour and mono laser printers, priced from under $80 to over $1000.

8 Jan 2015 | Find out how printers from Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP and Samsung compare when it comes to print speed, quality and ease of installation.

Colour Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers review

Multifunction printers are convenient and versatile, but which are better value - and best for your needs?

16 Dec 2014 | We review 60 multifunction printers including inkjet, laser, colour and mono, priced from under $50 to over $800.

3D printed rabbit

Review: UP!Mini 3D Printer

We get hands-on with one of the most affordable consumer-level 3D printers in Australia.

11 Dec 2013 | The UP!Mini is a relatively inexpensive 3D printer aimed at the consumer market: we put it to the test, printing a miniature rabbit.


First look: MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer

The MakerBot Replicator 2 is an example of the latest “affordable” 3D printer.

21 Oct 2013 | The MakerBot Replicator 2 printer is an example of the latest “affordable” 3D printers - see it in action!

Colour laser MFPs

Colour laser multifunction printers

The new breed of colour laser MFPs throws down the gauntlet to inkjet printers.

24 Aug 2011 | We test 10 colour laser multifunction printers to see how they compare for performance, ease of use, features and value.

inkjet refill

Inkjet refill alternatives

Can you save money by using cheaper ink alternatives, and are they as good as the manufacturer’s own inks?

15 Mar 2011 | Non-genuine ink may be a money-saving option, depending on your printer.

multifunction printer reviews - ink cartridge

Multifunction printer reviews

They save on space, but ongoing ink costs mean an all-in-one can be a costly choice.

6 Dec 2010 | The printers combine inkjet printing, copying and scanning functions (some have fax) into one device.


CHOICE Computer technology reliability survey 2010

How reliable is your computer equipment?

24 Nov 2010 | Desktop computers, laptops and printers, monitors and external hard-drives are part of our line-up this time.

colour laser printer reviews

Colour laser printer reviews

Personal laser printers can colour your world, but watch out for hidden costs.

23 Feb 2010 | We bought 10 colour laser printers designed for the home and small office and tested for speed, print quality and their ongoing running costs.


Laser printer reviews

We tested 12 budget laser printers to see which ones come up best.

30 Aug 2007 | As price comes down and quality improves, a laser printer is a good choice for small-scale print runs.


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