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08.Change tables

If you're having your first baby, you might not realise just how much time you'll spend at one end of your change table. Believe us when we say that choosing one that works for you - and is safe for your baby - can make all the difference.

Change table injuries

It's a sad reality that many babies are injured in change-table accidents. They usually happen when a baby rolls or wriggles off and falls.

Researchers estimate that 8 out of 10 injuries would be prevented by a correctly used restraint. However, nothing is a substitute for constant adult supervision.

There is no Australian Standard for change tables, however we test for stability, strength of construction, roll-off protection, sharp edges and finger and limb traps.

What to look for

  • Look for a model with a restraint, and always use it.
  • Choose a change table that has some form of roll-off protection such as raised sides and ends at least 100 mm high.
  • Ensure collapsible frames are locked securely in place before use.
  • Never leave your baby unattended on a change table - even to grab something just across the room - always take them with you. Also be aware of older siblings climbing on change tables.
  • Keep everything needed to change your baby close at hand but out of their reach.
  • Ensure the change table is free from small objects that can cause choking.
  • Consider a towel or change mat on the floor or in the middle of a double bed as an alternative - but this may not be comfortable for you.
  • Choose one that suits your height, so you won’t have to bend or reach too far while changing nappies.
  • The changing surface should be easy to wipe down when messes happen (and they will). The mattress or padding should also be easy to wash.
  • It should have plenty of storage space for nappies, wipes, lotion and other baby necessities. Multiple shelves and side trays give the most storage, but a table with just one shelf is still useful.

For more information see our latest report Change tables review and compare.


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