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Car reversing camera kit reviews

These car reversing camera kits give you support, but don’t rely on them entirely.
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04.What to look for

What to look for

Angle Look for a wide angle of viewing; you’re more likely to spot obstructions in the monitor. Wider angles often mean lower picture quality, but this is less important than seeing any obstructions in the first place.

Camera Most cameras on test are round, with a few wide long ones that can be installed straight into the license plate screws. You install the others by drilling into the bumper bar or in the rear window. Some flexibility of the camera is useful to get the best angle – all models on test have this. Multiple cameras wired into a monitor are useful for hauling boats or caravans. Remember to keep the camera lens clean, as a dirty lens means poorer visibility.

Installation CHOICE recommends having any kit professionally installed. This adds a couple of hundred dollars to the cost, but it will be neat and tidy and less hassle if you aren’t comfortable with installation.

Mirror These clip over your standard rear view mirror and half the mirror turns into a monitor on reverse. Some replace your rear view mirror entirely. Removing your current rear view mirror may be difficult due to the original glue used.

Monitor The larger the monitor, the easier it will be to see any obstructions, but remember you’ll have a monitor, possibly alongside others, cluttering up your dash. They can be installed on the windscreen with a suction cup or to the dashboard with suction cup or sticky mount.

Reverse start All kits on test start when you select the reverse gear – avoid ones that don’t.

Wired/wireless This will make a little difference in ease of installation, but all kits require a hard wire install to the reversing lights. Wired kits also require a cable to be routed under the carpet, from the monitor through the car to the camera.


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