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Credit card travel insurance reviews

Can you trust the complimentary travel insurance that comes with your credit card? We decipher the small print.
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Our recent analysis of credit cards offering complimentary travel insurance left us pleasantly surprised. See the table to find out which performed best.

In some cases, it may not be as flexible as standalone travel insurance, and much like any product, not all of them are created equal. Perhaps the biggest downside is the complicated PDS documents, and unlike purchasing travel insurance through a standalone provider, there are no provider websites that allow you to compare cover at a glance.

Overall, though, the cover would suit the requirements for many leisure travellers, and it is comparable to that which you would otherwise purchase.

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  • Use the filters to show only products that meet your specific requirements or which have the specific features you're interested in.
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Table Allowing the user to select a number of products dependant on their filter options.
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Annual fee ($)Overall ScoreMedical Score (%)Cancellations (%)Baggage (%)Excess* ($)Maximum insurance period (months)Medical cover limit ($)Policy age limitHospital cash allowance ($, per day/policy limit)Emergency dental limit ($)Pre existing medical conditions covered with approvalPersonal liability cover limit ($)Funeral limit ($, per policy)Accidental death benefit** ($)Loss of income ($, per week, policy limit)Cancellations cover limit ($)Short delay benefit ($, per person, policy limit, benefit paid aBenefit for hire car excess ($)Agent, operator or airline insolvency cover limit ($)Domestic travel inconvenienceBaggage and items limit ($, per person/per policy)Single item limit ($)Laptop limit ($)Limit for goods stolen from vehiclesLimit for cash and documents ($, per person/policy limit)Limit for baggage lost temporarily ($, per person/policy limit)
425/28089899290250 (A)12
Select 700 , Signature 395, Emirates 229, Platinum 199, Clear Platinum 99868592832006
55 Day Platinum 130, Earth Platinum 250, Singapore Platinum 250, Altitiude Platinum 295868994852006
Breeze 130, More 189, Zero 0848092952006
900837482100500 (B)6
55 Day Gold 90, Earth Gold 125, Singapore Gold 125, Altitude Gold 150838994752003
Awards 144, Low Fee 90, Low Rate 12082869270250 (A)3
Rewards Plus 0, Qantas Rewards 99818090882004
Rewards Plus 129, Qantas Rewards 199807990882004
Qantas Platinum 290, Qantas Gold 145.50, Velocity Gold 150, Gold Card 90, Gold Visa Debit 10 a month808880632006
Breeze 99, More 120, Zero 0777892632003
Platium 87 (Free first year), Rewards Platinum 149, Frequent Flyer Platinum 295768374552006
39571678070500 (B)6
45064677258500 (B)6
34963677258500 (B)2 (C)
13062676863500 (B)2 (C)
14962646863500 (B)6
24958676853500 (B)2 (C)
19958676853500 (B)2 (C)
Table notes:*Some claims excluded from excess. **Cover may be available through transport accident insurance. ^ Also includes Bank of Melbourne and Bank of South Australia cards of the same name. (A) 250 medical (150 other claims), (B) 500 medical, 250 for laptops and cancellations, 100 baggage, (C) 62 Days consecutive/120 per year, (D) If delay continues for an additional 18 hours, an additional $500 for singles and an additional $1000 for families max.

Also note: We survey insurers and analyse product disclosure statements (PDS), terms and conditions to rate products and produce our results. This table should be considered a general guide only, and in some cases terms have been abbreviated for clarity or to fit in the table. All travel insurance is subject to a range of additional conditions and exclusions, some of which is detailed in this report.

We've taken precautions to ensure the information is clear, but before using one of these insurance products, you must still read the PDS and ensure you understand the level of cover. Your insurer can help with any specific enquiries regarding the cover, or feel free to leave a comment on this article.

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