Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides to compare prices and performance of irons.

Man ironing

Iron reviews

Are you about to spend too much? Our testers have found buying the most expensive iron is not always a guarantee for wrinkle-free clothing.

5 Feb 2014 | Irons are a less expensive alternative to steam stations, and there are plenty to choose from at varying prices that will get the job done.

Garment steamer in action

Garment steamer reviews

These steamers are a gentler way of removing wrinkles from your clothing.

5 Feb 2014 | The latest garment steamers are put through their paces, including models from Conair, Kambrook, Jiffy and Homemaker.

Steam station reviews

Steam station reviews

You don't have to spend big bucks to get a good steam station.

5 Feb 2014 | Steam stations generate a lot of steam so you can effortlessly iron out the wrinkles in your clothes.


ALDI steam iron first look

We take a sneak peek at the ALDI Lumina Signature iron.

25 Jul 2012 | We've got in early to take a sneak peek at the latest ALDI iron, the Lumina Signature, available from 12th July.


Philips PerfectCare Iron first look

You’ll be steaming through the ironing in no time with this new steam station from Philips.

10 Oct 2011 | This no-fuss iron comes out ahead of most of the conventional irons tested by CHOICE, but it has an expensive price tag.


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