Independent and trusted reviews, tests and investigations of electric heaters, gas heaters and other heating options for your home.

Flued flame-effect gas heater

Gas heater buying guide

Flued or unflued? Convection or radiant-convection? We explain which gas heater will make your home its toastiest.

5 Aug 2014 | Flued or unflued? That's the number one question when it comes to gas heaters.

Three pairs of hands being heated over an electric heater

Electric heater buying guide

Radiant, oil-filled or convection - which type of electric heater is right for your home?

29 Jul 2014 | By buying the right electric heater, you’ll keep yourself toasty and your energy bills at bay. Our electric heater buying guide will set you on the right track.

Water condensing on blue glass surface

Dehumidifier reviews

Wet weather dampening your home (and your spirits)? A dehumidifier may be the answer.

8 Jul 2014 | 22 dehumidifiers reviewed, including models from DeLonghi, Dimplex, Omega Altise and Ionmax, rated from 10L to 30L per day and priced from $248 to $880.

Electric heater on floor

Electric heater reviews

We review more than 30 electric heaters, priced from $39 to $599, including convection, panel, radiant-and-convection and fan models.

21 May 2014 | Kill the chill with a portable electric heater. Check our results for newly tested models from DeLonghi, Dyson, Sunbeam and more.

flame effect heater warming room

CHOICE guide to heating your home

Follow our tips to keep warm and save yourself money this winter.

20 May 2014 | Winter is here, so it's time to consider your heating options. Here are our tips to reduce your energy use and your bills.

Baby sleeping

Heating options for your home buying guide

How to keep your home warm this winter. Get unbiased advice and reviews on heaters and heating options.

9 Jul 2012 | Did you freeze last winter? Were you in shock after reading the energy bill? Then it may be time to change the way you heat your home.

Gas heater

Unflued gas heater reviews

Warm up large spaces quickly and efficiently.

30 May 2012 | Unflued gas heaters deliver quick, energy-efficient and comparatively cheap warmth to individual rooms in your home.


ICE Solair first look

This solar air conditioner sounds good in theory, but isn't so good in practice.

9 May 2012 | This air conditioner has a thermal panel to reduce the compressor load and save electricity usage - but does it work?

Flued gas log fire

Flued-gas log fires

The cheapest of the five units tested cost more than $4000 installed, so it pays to buy wisely.

21 Apr 2010 | Flued-gas heating, where fumes are released or pushed outside, offers an efficient and effective option for a big area.

Home Insulation

Home Insulation Buying Guide

The government's home insulation bungle has demonstrated the importance of knowing what's what.

4 Feb 2010 | We run through the options for insulating your home.

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