Natural air conditioner

Our tips for keeping your home cool this summer, using insulation and natural ventilation.
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04.Decision guide

Getting cool, staying cool

Preventing your house from getting too hot should be your first priority. Make sure it's properly insulated, draught-proof, shaded and ventilated. If you're renovating your home, or building a new house, consider designing it as energy efficiently as possible.

Q1: Are you uncomfortable for more than just a few days during summer?

No: No action required.
Yes: If you've taken all the preventive measures you can and your home is still getting too hot, you may need a cooling appliance. Go to Question 2.

Q2: How big is the area you want to cool?

Personal space: Consider a portable fan
Room: Go to Question 3.
House: Go to Question 4.

Q3: (Single room) In what type of climate do you live?

Humid: Consider a ceiling fan or a pedestal fan. If that doesn't seem sufficient, a portable, window, split-system refrigerative air conditioner may be for you.
Dry: Consider a portable or fixed room evaporative air cooler.

Q4: (Entire house) In what type of climate do you live?

Humid: Consider a ducted refrigerative air conditioner.
Dry: Consider a ducted evaporative air cooler.


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