Saving water

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and investigations of water saving devices and how to reduce your household water use consumption.

Water efficiency label

Water efficiency label

Save water and money by choosing water-efficient products.

27 Dec 2013 | Water efficiency labels allow consumers to compare the water efficiency of different products.

hot water systems - nozzle

Hot water systems buying guide

Don't wait until your hot water system goes. Review your options and plan your next purchase now.

15 Jul 2013 | By researching the options and choosing the best system for your needs, you could save money and the environment.


Showerheads home test

CHOICE staff member Ros Page and her family test several water-efficient showerheads.

19 Apr 2013 | Our home tester and her family trialled several water-efficient showerheads - how did they go with the low flow?

Piggy bank floating in water

Water saving home guide

Making your home water-efficient needn’t cost a fortune. You can do a lot with a few dollars, and even more with a few hundred.

14 Feb 2013 | While we may have experienced plenty of rain during the summer just past, there are still plenty of environmental and cost advantages to saving water.

Rain water tanks next to house

Rainwater tanks buying guide

It’s time we stopped wasting precious drinking water on the garden and for toilet-flushing.

1 Jul 2008 | Australia is the driest inhabited continent and predictions are that the future is likely to get hotter and drier.


Guide to greywater systems

We take you through greywater options, from simple diversion to 'Class A' treatment systems.

2 Jan 2008 | Recycling greywater is one way of saving water: after all, you don’t need drinking-quality water to water the garden or flush the toilet.

Water pump

Rainwater tank pumps

To get best use out of your rainwater tank, you need a good pump.

19 Oct 2007 | There's a wide range of brands and types of pumps available. Which ones deliver the best water flow?

Field of flowers in front of a washing machine

Making the most of used water

Saving water is important, but re-using waste water will help too.

20 Mar 2007 | Greywater is the waste water from showers, baths, hand-basins, laundry tubs, washing machines, dishwashers and kitchen sinks. Using greywater on your garden could help save hundreds of litres of water a day.


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