Apple iPod classic quick review

The iPod Classic is a smart-looking hard-drive MP3 player with a larger capacity and a wealth of features.
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01.Apple ipod classic

Apple iPod classic

The Apple iPod Classic is available with a 80 or 160GB hard drive — we tested the latter (which has an RRP of $479).

Price: $479


The 160GB Apple iPod Classic can store up to 200 hours of video, making it the iPod of choice if you want to watch a lot of visual content on the go — catching up with last night’s recorded TV show while you’re commuting on a train, for example.

Apart from playing music and watching videos or photo slideshows, you can also use the iPod Classic as an external hard drive for a Mac or Windows PC.

It has three games installed, a clock you can set to display the time in different time zones and an alarm/timer/stopwatch with various options. It’ll also let you access diary and contact info you’ve sent to it from your Mac or Windows PC.

But don’t throw your diary and address book out just yet. The iPod Classic does not allow you to record changes directly — data needs to be sourced from an external application. However, in the Mac 0S X environment, information from the address book and iCal can be 'synced' (it’ll synchronise your information updates upon request).

Please note: this information was current as of December 2007 but is still a useful guide to today's market.


It compares very well with the other MP3 players in our last test (it was released too late to be included then). With an overall score of 84% (86% for sound quality and 92% for battery life), it would have come second — only surpassed by Apple’s flash player, the iPod Nano, and also much better than the other two hard drive models we tested.

Good points

  • Initial setup, ripping, encoding and transferring tracks are all very easy.
  • Its high-resolution LCD screen is adequately sized (6.3cm) for watching videos, though slightly smaller than the one on the iPod Touch (8.75cm).

Bad points

  • It’s relatively heavy (170g, including earphones) and has neither a strap nor a clip, so could fall quite easily out of a shirt pocket if you’re bending down.
  • There’s no remote control, which could come in handy for playback on the move.


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