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Bluetooth lets gadgets talk to each other wirelessly.
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  • Updated:5 Jun 2006

04.Transferring files

Transferring photos from a camera phone is easy — usually it’s a case of selecting the picture on your phone and choosing to send it via Bluetooth.

If you have a selection of paired devices, just select the device you want to send the picture to, whether it’s a computer, printer or another phone. You’ll need to have Bluetooth enabled.

Sending photos from your computer to your phone is almost as easy:

  • From the Start menu, select All Programs
  • In Accessories, select Communications, then Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard
  • The Wizard starts.
  • Click Next, then choose Send File
  • Under Send to: browse to find your phone, then click Next
  • Select the file you want to send, click Open
  • Click Next to send the file.
  • Accept the file transfer on your phone.
  • To transfer other data, such as address book or contact lists, you may need special software.

Transfer between computers

It’s reasonably straightforward to network two computers using Bluetooth, which then allows you to share folders just like you would with any other network.

First pair your computers, then prepare the first computer:

  • Right click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and select Advanced configuration.
  • In the Local Services tab choose File Transfer
  • Click Properties, then in the General tab select the folder you want to share
  • Click OK.

Now prepare the second computer:

  • From the Start menu, select My Bluetooth Places
  • Click Entire Bluetooth Network, then select the computer you just set up
  • Open the folder File Transfer on (computer name) (where computername is the name of the first computer).

The first computer will ask whether you want to accept the connection from the second computer. Tick the box if you don’t want to have to accept the connection manually each time.

Once you open the File Transfer folder, you’ll be able to see everything within the shared folder on the first computer. You can copy files to and from this computer just as you would normally.

Copying via Bluetooth is slower than Ethernet, so it’s best suited to small files. If you only want to share one file, use the Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard.


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