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Ergon Energy Retail review

Ergon Energy Retail supplies power to over 600,000 regional customers across the state of Queensland. Here's what you need to know before deciding whether to switch to Ergon Energy Retail.

ergon energy retail
CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff
Last updated: 16 April 2021

Ergon Energy Retail operates in rural and regional Queensland, and supplies power to over 600,000 customers in remote communities. Ergon aims to deliver reliable, sustainable power to its customers at an affordable price. It claims to be one of the country's largest purchasers of renewable energy, but its operation is largely based on non-renewable energy sources.

Ergon Energy Retail is a subsidiary of Energy Queensland Limited, which is 100% owned by the Queensland Government. The company was established in 1999 to service the needs of regional Queensland residents, and for many people living in remote areas of Queensland, Ergon is their only option for power.

The company owns and operates one medium-sized gas-fired power station, as well as 33 isolated power stations in remote areas of Queensland. The energy it supplies to both residential and business customers is generated by a combination of coal, gas, solar, geothermal and wind power, with diesel also used to power the stations' generators. We would have loved to give you an exact breakdown of their energy mix, but this information is unfortunately quite difficult to find. However, the company only received a green electricity score of 50%, in part for having GreenPower available, but at a higher than average price.

Ergon Energy Retail is not carbon neutral, either in its organisation or the product it offers to consumers, based on the national carbon offset standard. 

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CHOICE Verdict on Ergon Energy Retail


  • Ergon Energy is transparent about its investigations into alternate energy sources including natural gas and LPG, biodiesel, solar, wind and geothermal power, as well as others. 
  • At present it does operate solar and geothermal power stations, as well as a wind farm, but these generate only a small fraction of the product offered to Ergon's customers. 
  • The GreenPower products offered by Ergon Energy Retail come with higher-than-average price tags, and the percentage of renewable vs non-renewable energy sources is not known.
  • Neither the organisation nor its products are carbon neutral.

Customer service

  • 3407 (or 0.5%) of Ergon Energy Retail's customers lodged complaints against the company in 2019-20.
  • Only 39% of calls made to Ergon Energy Retail are answered within 30 seconds.
  • The average wait time for a customer service call is 158 seconds.
  • 6% of calls made to Ergon Energy Retail are abandoned before they are answered.
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