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Globird Energy Review

Globird is a Victoria-based electricity supplier. Here's what you need to know before deciding whether to switch to Globird Energy.

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CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff

Globird has 7,750 electricity customers throughout Victoria. They claim to be a "next-gen, budget-friendly energy retailer".

Established in 2014, the privately held company is based in Mitcham, Victoria, and is Australia owned. Globird Energy has won the MOZO award for low energy rates in Victoria multiple times, and the company's focus is on providing competitive pricing alongside customer service.

Neither Globird's organisation nor the product it offers is carbon neutral.

Contact information for Globird Energy

13 34 56

Which states does Globird Energy supply?

CHOICE Expert rating on Globird Energy

CHOICE Verdict on Globird Energy


  • Globird Energy does not own any power generation assets, as they are a retailer only.
  • The company does not offer any kind of carbon offsets.
  • Globird did not adhere to the 2016 Renewable Energy Target requirements.
  • The solar export prices offered by Globird are above the state average.

Customer service

  • 90 customers (1.2% of customer base) made complaints against Globird Energy in 2018/19, according to data from the Australian Energy Regulator.

Globird Energy prices

With their price-match promise, Globird are able to meet the lowest plan price in Melbourne with their cheapest package. Also, their most expensive plan is still close to $1000 cheaper than their highest-charging competitor.