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Powershop Australia review

Powershop Australia has been voted Australia's greenest power company for three years running by Greenpeace. Here's what you need to know before deciding whether to switch to Powershop Australia.

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CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff
Last updated: 24 November 2021

One of the few 100% carbon neutral energy retailers in Australia, in both its organisation and the products it supplies, Powershop Australia claims to be affordable as well as sustainable, with a strong focus on solar energy.

Powershop Australia was established in 2014, and now services the energy needs of over 90,000 customers across Australia.

The company, based in Melbourne, is owned by New Zealand-based Meridian Energy and supplies energy generated from wind farms and hydro power stations owned by its parent company, as well as buying in power from solar and wind farms in Australia. Recently it was purchased by Shell.

While Powershop's electricity and gas prices are not the lowest on the market, they are still well below the most expensive of their competitors, and the company offers discounts and incentives for their customers, claiming they help them to keep track of their energy usage and so stay in control of their bills.

As has already been stated, Powershop Australia and its parent company Meridian Energy are 100% carbon neutral, and supply energy from 100% renewable sources. 

Contact details for Powershop Australia

1800 462 668

Which states does Powershop Australia supply?

CHOICE Expert rating on Powershop Australia

CHOICE Verdict on Powershop Australia


  • Powershop is committed to supplying only renewable, carbon-neutral energy to its customers "at no extra cost", and holds a strong public position against fossil fuel investment.
  • While the company is not 100% Australian owned, the power supplied to Powershop customers is generated by Australian assets including wind farms, hydro power stations and solar power plants.
  • The company's emissions intensity is close to zero, and it offsets all of its organisation's and product's emissions, making Powershop Australia's only power retailer to be certified as 100% carbon neutral.
  • Powershop offers GreenPower Renewable Energy Certificates to its customers, but prices are higher than average.

Customer service

  • 583 (0.4%) Powershop customers made complaints in 2019-20, according to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).
  • 42% of customer service calls made to Powershop are answered within 30 seconds.
  • The average time before a call is answered is 116 seconds.
  • 10% of callers hang up before their call is answered.

Powershop Australia's energy sources

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