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Lumo Energy review

Lumo Energy supplies electricity and gas to nearly 220,000 customers in Victoria and South Australia. Here's what you need to know before deciding whether to switch to Lumo Energy.

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CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff

Lumo Energy, owned by Australian company Snowy Hydro, serves the power needs of nearly 2.5% of Australian energy users according to 2018/19 figures. The company was established in 2010, and offers energy supplied by one of the biggest and longest running renewable energy generators operating in Australia. 

Lumo Energy was established in 2010, and is owned by one of the biggest and longest running renewable energy generators in Australia, Snowy Hydro. The company's head office is in Victoria, and it serves the gas and electricity needs of customers across Victoria and South Australia.

Snowy Hydro owns and operates 16 power stations, including two gas peaking plants. Neither the organisation nor its product, offered through Lumo Energy, are carbon neutral.

Contact details for Lumo Energy

1300 926 153

Which states does Lumo Energy supply?

CHOICE Expert rating on Lumo Energy

CHOICE Verdict on Lumo Energy


  • Through its parent company, Lumo Energy owns and operates predominately renewable power plants. The company's emissions intensity is close to zero.
  • Lumo offers a lower-than-average price on GreenPower offsets, and has equitable solar offers for customers. However, the company is not carbon neutral.
  • Lumo Energy and Snowy Hydro have not made their position on investment in coal and coal seam gas known.
  • Snowy Hydro claims to be the leading provider of peak renewable energy to the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Customer service

  • 2728 (1.3%) of Lumo Energy customers filed complaints against the company, according to the Australian Energy Regulator's 2018/19 data.
  • 78% of customer service calls made to Lumo are answered within 30 seconds.
  • The average wait time for calls made to the company is 29 seconds.
  • 3% of calls made to Lumo Energy are abandoned before being answered.

Lumo Energy's energy sources

Lumo Energy prices

Lumo doesn't price gouge like some of its competitors. It sits below the average price for the areas it operate in, though some competitors do offer cheaper electricity in those areas.