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    Food and health

    The latest on nutrition, how to make sense of health claims, plus our reviews and taste tests to help you eat well, whatever your budget.

Plant-based eating

Check out our tips, reviews and taste tests to support a plant-based diet.

  • What’s the best vegan meat?

    We review plant-based burgers and mince from Alternative Meat Co, Beyond Meat, Funky Fields, Unreal Co, Veef and more
  • Vegan cheese taste test

    Which cheddar and mozzarella style vegan cheeses taste best?
  • Vegan chicken taste test

    Plant-based meat substitutes are rapidly becoming more mainstream, so we put one to the test.
  • Choosing vegan

    Vegan-curious? Eating a well-balanced plant-based diet requires some know-how. We give our top tips for a healthy vegan diet.
  • Choosing the best milk alternative

    Soy milk, rice milk, almond, oat, coconut – if you don't want to drink cow's milk, there are plenty of non-dairy alternatives.

Taste tests

Expert foodies and our staffers deliver their verdicts: which brands are top for taste?

Diet and nutrition

Myths and facts about your food: superfoods, health claims and more.

Cooking hacks and gadgets

Timesaving tips, recipes and essential equipment.

Healthy kids

How to find healthy food and snacks for babies and kids.

Added sugar

Sneaky sugar can be hidden in every day foods – here's what you need to know.

Take action

  • Take action on added sugar

    Right now food companies don't have to label the amount of added sugar in their products. This makes it nearly impossible to work out how much added sugar is in everyday food and drinks.

    But Health Ministers across Australia have agreed that this is an issue, and they'll be meeting to decide on a way forward.

    Can you join our campaign to show politicians this is something we care about?

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Food safety

What to do to avoid food poisoning and latest news about food safety.

Our test kitchen

  • How we test kitchen appliances

    With 30 years' experience, our home economist Fiona Mair knows her way around a kitchen.

    In our kitchen lab, Fiona and tester Chantelle Dart (pictured) test everything from ovens and cooktops to benchtop appliances like hand mixers.

    They bake, blend, chop, roll, pulverise and puree in order to tell you which brands and models do the job best.

More gadgets for home cooks

We test appliances in our own kitchen so we can fill you in on the best ones to buy.

CHOICE membership

  • Instant online access to 5000+ expert test results for products and services
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