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  • electricity towers against sunset

    Smarter energy

    Saving on electricity and gas bills, switching providers, reducing power consumption, renewable energy, solar, going green, and more.

Saving energy

Energy-efficient appliances

Solar power

Solar estimator

  • Get started with solar

    We’ve made getting started with solar easy.

    Estimate your solar and find a trusted installer:

    1. Find out if solar is worth it for you with CHOICE’s solar estimator.

    2. Get 3 quotes from trusted installers with SolarQuotes.

    Get a quick estimate

Switching providers


Getting around


  • Insurance products

    Looking for car, travel, health, home and contents, life or pet insurance? Here's the small print!
  • Home improvement

    DIY or GSE (get someone else), here's what you need to know before picking up a hammer or picking up the phone.
  • Internet of Things

    The IoT can connect your devices and your appliances to make home life just that little bit easier – and more energy-efficient.