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    Fact or myth?

    Spot the difference between science and spin. Plus major rip-offs, food and beauty myths, and products that are money down the drain.

Scientifically 'proven'

Does the science stack up for these product claims?

Retail rip-offs

Save big money by avoiding these rip-offs.


  • And the lemon goes to...

    CHOICE's annual awards name and shame the shonkiest products and companies taking advantage of Australian consumers.

    Whose bad behaviour has earned them a lemon gong at the 15th annual CHOICE Shonkys?

    2019 Shonky Award winners

Safe or scary?

How safe are these common products?

Is it worth it?

Find out if these products and services are worth paying for.

Food for thought

Myths and facts about your food: superfoods, supplements and more.

Latest stories

Money down the drain

Products that are a waste of money.

Beauty myths

Pros and cons of beauty treatments, plus the claims you shouldn't take at face value.

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