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  • cutout family and environment on grass

    Sustainable living

    The sustainability of products and services, energy resources, building materials, food and shopping are more important than ever.

    Learn more about the environmental impact of products with our expert advice.

    To help you buy better, many of our product reviews come with energy and water usage metrics, estimated running costs, and also ‘Shop Ethical’ ratings.

Sustainable food

We look at the issues around the sustainability of food production, consumption, and best practices to help you make an informed choice.

Sustainable shopping

We look into the production of consumer goods, packaging, and marketing to help you buy better.

Electric vehicles

  • How far can an EV go?

    Your quick guide to switching to an electric vehicle.

    Compare your petrol car with an electric vehicle for range, charging times and costs of a day trip.
    EV start guide

Energy saving

We look at practical ways to help you save energy at home, from purchase decisions to changing ways of living.

Sustainable energy

Making the switch to greener energy like solar requires lots of information and decision making - our aim is to make help make this easier for you.

Sustainable transport

Alternative fuel options and electric cars and bikes are becoming more common, we look at these issues from your point of view.

CHOICE membership

  • Instant online access to 5000+ expert test results for products and services
  • Free assistance from our consumer rights advisers
  • Support a nonprofit that campaigns for your consumer rights