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The best apps for finding cheap fuel

These mobile browsers for nearby bowsers can help you save money on petrol.

Last updated: 11 December 2019

Petrol prices can pump through your hip pocket in a heartbeat, but there is one way to beat the bowser. Fuel price apps can help you find the cheapest petrol anywhere in Australia, so you don't get gouged at the gas station – and you can use most free of charge.

There are plenty of apps available. Some are run by state/territory governments while others rely on motorists submitting data during the day. They all advertise accurate, up-to-date prices, but some don't quite live up to that claim. 

So, we grabbed our car and visited various cities and towns along the east coast to help you find the best app for cheap fuel.

Travelling through New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland and Victoria (Wodonga), we tested dozens of apps including Petrol Spy Australia, Fuel Map Australia, GasBuddy, Simples Fuel and state-based apps like NSW Fuel Check and Fair Fuel (RACQ). 

We checked for price accuracy, ease of use, special features and more.


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