How to clean your TV

Keep your telly in the picture for years with these tips.

Keep it clean

Gone are the days of having to adjust rabbit ear antennae and vertical hold. Modern TVs are thankfully very low maintenance.

If you don't touch the screen and leave fingerprints behind, there's really no need for anything but the occasional dusting. But there are a few tips to keep your TV in good condition.

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  • Wipe dust off the bezel and surrounds with a dry microfibre cloth.
  • Gently buff fingerprints and dust off the screen with a damp microfibre cloth (don't spray water directly on the screen) or an LCD screen cleaning solution. Definitely don't use multipurpose cleaners or anything containing bleach or ammonia, and don't use anything sharp or pointy.
  • Don't clean the TV while it's on. Turn it off and let it cool down, otherwise you'll have evaporation issues that will leave more streaks than you're removing.


  • Clean remote control with a soft damp cloth.


  • For smart TVs, check if any firmware updates are available (though these may download automatically).


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