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LG TV recall: 2016–2019 models

LG has recalled a series of 65- and 77-inch TVs due to faulty capacitors.

two recalled lg televisions
CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff
Last updated: 03 May 2023

LG has issued a recall for a series of TVs manufactured between February 2016 and September 2019 due to faulty capacitors.

The x-capacitors in the power board can deteriorate and may fail unsafely at the rear of the TV, creating a flame or emitting smoke. This can cause injuries including shock, smoke inhalation, and additional damage depending on where your TV is placed.

Are you affected?

You should check if your TV model is on the list if:

  • you bought a new LG TV in 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 
  • you bought an older model during a clearance sale in 2020 or 2021
  • you've bought a second-hand LG TV since 2016.

How to identify your TV model

You can find the model number:

  1. In the instruction manual that came with your TV.
  2. On the back of the TV.

If you don't have the instruction manual, the model number is printed on a black and white or black and silver sticker affixed to the back of your TV. Record the first two numbers followed by two letters, then see if they match any on the recall list.

Note, the TV type may preface the model number. For example, instead of 65C3 it may say OLED65C3. In this case, ignore the TV type and record the first two numbers followed by the two letters.

LG TV model number

Look for the model number (circled in red) in one of these positions on the back of the TV. Ignore the TV type if present. Note, the OLED65C3 is not part of the recall, this is just an example.

Recalled models

 2016  65-inch  65E6
 2016  65-inch  65G6
 2016  77-inch  77G6
 2017  65-inch  65B7
 2017  65-inch  65C7
 2017  65-inch  65E7
 2017  65-inch  65G7
 2017  65-inch  65W7
 2017  77-inch  77W7
 2018  65-inch  65W8
 2018  77-inch  77C8
 2018  77-inch  77W8
 2019  65-inch  65W9
 2019  77-inch  77C9
 2019  77-inch  77W9

We tested one model in this list, the 65G7, which we recommended at the time.

What to do if the capacitors fail

Follow these instructions from the ACCC if the capacitors fail in your TV:

"In circumstances where there is a flame or smoke being emitted, do not use any liquid to extinguish as this poses the risk of electric shock and serious injury to occur. Immediately leave the vicinity of the TV and turn the main power to the property off."

How to get your TV repaired or replaced

Consumers with affected TVs should contact LG Electronics Australia on 1800 643 156 to arrange a technician to replace the power board free of charge, or in the case of irreparable damage, replacement of the TV free of charge.

Read the full release on the ACCC website.

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