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Best small TVs under $1000

Going small doesn't have to mean compromising on quality. Here's our pick of the small screens.

best televisions under 1000 dollars
Last updated: 07 February 2024

Need to know

  • TVs with smaller screens are a better choice for compact living spaces or for use in the bedroom or spare room
  • We test a wide range of televisions in our labs of all sizes and for all budgets, assessing their performance on things such as picture and audio quality, ease of use and energy efficiency
  • Exclusively for CHOICE members, our experts reveal three of the best small TVs for less than $1000

If you're after a smaller TV for a cosy apartment or bedroom, or you just don't want a behemoth screen taking over your living room, you'll probably be considering a television with a screen of around 32–50 inches. 

Bigger isn't always better, especially in smaller spaces: sit too close to a large-screen TV and all you'll see are the small pixels that make up the screen, rather than a crisp picture.

Bigger isn't always better, especially in smaller spaces

But will you have to downsize your expectations when opting for a petite telly? Not really, our experts say.

"Although these more compact models don't usually come with 4K resolution, you wouldn't really notice the higher video resolution in a screen that's less than 42 inches anyway," says CHOICE TV expert Denis Gallagher.

"And smaller televisions can still offer great viewing performance for SD video (watching DVDs) and HD video (for Blu-ray movies)."

How to pick the right size

When considering the size of the TV you need, you should think about the size of the room and how far away from the screen you'll be sitting. Basically, the larger the TV, the further away you'll need to sit for a good viewing experience.

A 127cm/50" high-definition TV (1920 x 1080 pixels) will look fine from two metres away, for example. But if the space between your sofa and screen is less than that, a smaller TV is the way to go if you don't want to be watching a blurry, pixelated mess.


The larger the TV, the further away you'll need to sit, so a smaller TV is the best option for small spaces.

Cheap but not always cheerful

Smaller models start at around the $250–400 mark, but Denis says there are plenty of average buys out there you should be wary of, regardless of price.

Our experts spend hours in our technology labs testing the audio and picture quality of a wide range of television models, and we also look at model specifications and features, how easy they are to use and energy efficiency.

We see some brands performing well fairly consistently, while others continually fail to impress

CHOICE TV expert Denis Gallagher

"We test TVs of all sizes, from 74-inch giants through to smaller TVs with screen sizes of 50 inches or less," says Denis

"In the smaller screen category we see some brands performing well fairly consistently, while others continually fail to impress." 

To help you find a blockbuster, you can sort our expert TV reviews by price, size, brand, picture quality score, display type and more.

The best small TVs under $1000

If you're after a quality small TV with a small price to match, check out these options that'll give you the best picture for the least cash. 

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Our TV expert has rounded up three small TVs that scored well in our testing, but which cost less than $1000 – these are the ones to watch.

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Stock images: Getty, unless otherwise stated.

lg 50ur8050psb

Once considered a big-screen TV, 50-inch models like this LG are now at the smaller end of the spectrum.

LG 50UR8050PSB

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 78%
  • Size: 50 inches
  • Price: $995

Not long ago, a 50-inch unit was considered to be a large-screen TV, but these days it falls at the smaller end of the scale: 65-inch TVs are the most-purchased size. A TV this size is still a great option for smaller rooms, so depending on your space and your budget, this is one to watch. 

While it scored well overall, this LG isn't technically a CHOICE recommended product – but only by a whisker. Our experts rated its HD picture quality at 69%, which is just one percentage point below the 70% cutoff for recommended products. It may not quite have the official tick of approval, but it's still a great buy. 

Our experts were impressed with its 4K video picture quality and performance on Filmmaker Mode (we explain Filmmaker Mode here), so it's a good option for bingeing movies in bed. 

It may not quite have the official tick of approval, but it's still a great buy

And with an excellent user interface and Smart TV functions, it'll be easy to navigate when you're bleary-eyed from too many hours of back-to-back episodes of your latest favourite series.

As a brand, LG is a winner: it has been named as the CHOICE Best TV Brand every year since 2016, coming in ahead of the competition for customer satisfaction, reliability, average test score and more. 

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At just $545, this CHOICE Recommended 32-inch Samsung UA32T5300AW is a great buy.

Samsung UA32T5300

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 77% (Recommended)
  • Size: 32 inches
  • Cost: $545

Our experts highlight this 32-inch TV as the best option for the bedroom, kid's room or spare room if you want good-quality picture in both standard and high-definition at a reasonable price. 

It performs well in both standard and high definition, and our experts say it's very good for watching sport and broadcast TV. Its Smart TV and remote make it easy to use, and it has a sensor that adjusts the brightness to ambient light so you can comfortably watch at any time of the day or night.

There's no 4K support and the sound isn't fantastic, so a small soundbar may be a worthwhile addition (which could double as a wireless speaker, streaming music via your smartphone when the TV is off). 

It performs well in both standard and high definition, and our experts say it's very good for watching sport and broadcast TV

It also has good support for analog video and audio, so you can plug in your old games console using the yellow, red and white RCA cable.

"This is by far the oldest model we have tested that you can buy today (it was released in 2020), but Samsung knows it's onto a good thing and it doesn't look like it will be disappearing from the retail shelves any time soon," says Denis.

"This model has the older-style Samsung remote with large buttons and easy-to-read text, which our testers prefer over the newer style."

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samsung ua43cu8000wxxy

This solid performer from Samsung has all the features you need, wrapped up in a small package.

Samsung UA43CU8000WXXY

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 75%
  • Size: 43 inches
  • Price: $899

Whether you're buying for a bedroom, a small-to-medium TV room, or a large room that you don't want dominated by a big TV, a 43-inch model is a great way to go.

The Samsung UA43CU8000WXXY is an entry-level model that's just large enough to include all the smart features you'd expect from a modern TV. 

It's good for watching your old favourites in standard definition, but less so for high-definition media. The strongly saturated picture is particularly good for watching sport.

The best video quality you'll get on streaming services is 4K, and this TV does quite well on that front, but for the ultimate movie-watching experience, try Filmmaker Mode as it presents the colour as intended by the director.

It's OK in terms of sound (which is to say it's better than many other small TVs), but our experts say adding a soundbar to the mix would be a good move.

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Stock images: Getty, unless otherwise stated.