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EOFY best buys: Member exclusive

Buying big in the end-of-financial-year sales? Here's our guide to the best-rated products to look for.

eofy sale flags generic fridge dishwasher vacuum washing machine
Last updated: 15 June 2023

It's that wonderful time of year when retailers are keen to offload their old stock and your inbox is pinging daily with the latest deals. The end of financial year (EOFY) is a great time to pick up a bargain, whether you're after a new fridge, stick vac, TV, coffee machine or any other sparkling new appliance. 

And while there are definitely some buys we recommend you avoid, there are often sales on a whole host of products that are highly rated by our CHOICE experts. 

We've put together a members-only EOFY buying guide outlining the brands and models that have topped our most popular product tests. Plus, some handy expert advice.  

fridge shopping

Brands and models can vary wildly in quality, so it pays to do your research.

Smart shopping tips to live by

Before you hit the sales with credit cards blazing, there's some key things to keep in mind if you want to shop smart and dodge a dud. 

1. Expensive brands don't always perform better

Our product test results regularly disprove the age-old adage that 'you get what you pay for'. Our experts often see very pricey products underperform, while cheaper, lesser known ones shine. 

That's why it pays to do your homework and check our reviews. Check out products to avoid in the EOFY sales for further proof of expensive fails.

2. A brand's product range can vary dramatically in quality 

It's another revelation our experts see all the time in their tests. A brand can boast some of the best performing products in a category... and some terrible ones too. 

It all depends on the build quality and design of each product, which is why individual reviews are so vital. 

3. Be critical of sale offers

Sure, one site is offering 20% off its usual price, but was it more expensive to start with compared to others? Before you 'add to cart', it's worth playing the field and sizing up the best deal and assessing delivery costs and times too. 

Check out more expert shopping tips

The best buys in popular categories

Some of the most searched products on our website in the EOFY period are dishwashers, washing machines, mattresses, air fryers, stick vacuums, coffee machines, TVs and fridges.

CHOICE members can see the top-rated products for each category in one easy-to-read rundown below. Happy shopping! If you're not a member, join CHOICE to access thousands of independent reviews, or check out our free buying guides.

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Stock images: Getty, unless otherwise stated.

adrian in choice lab testing stick vacuums

CHOICE expert Adrian Lini in our labs. Our latest review includes 56 models he has put through rigorous testing.

Stick vacuums

Easy to store, great for cleaning those tricky spots on stairs or in the car, or for hoovering up all the debris after a messy child (or pet) has had dinner, a great stick vacuum cleaner might just change your life. 

Our lab experts have reviewed more than 50 popular models and given each one a score based on key factors such as cleaning performance (for hard floors, carpets, corners, pet hair and more), ease of use, quick cleaning ability and pet hair removal. 

There are definitely a few they gave the flick for being more than mediocre, so make sure you read up on which models we recommend and why. Also see our full review of barrel and upright vacuums.

Here are CHOICE stick vacuum expert Kim Gilmour's picks for the sale season:

lg a9n multi 1

Potential bargain: LG A9N-Multi 

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 84%
  • Price: $799

This recommended model was originally priced at $959 but at the time of writing it had dropped to a sale price of $595 at several major retailers. We can't predict how long the deals will last, but keep your eyes peeled.

dyson v15 detect total clean

Worth a look: Dyson V15 Detect

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 86%
  • Price: $1499

One of our top-scoring models, this Dyson is heavily discounted at major retailers with savings of $423 to $474, depending on the variants which come with different accessories (such as the V15 Detect Complete on sale at Dyson's website).

bosch athlet bch6at25au02

Oldie but a goodie: Bosch Athlet BCH6AT25AU/02

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 79%
  • Price: $399

With an RRP of $399, at the time of writing this model was on sale at various retailers for $179 to $199 and is just one percentage off a recommendation. It's been around for many years and was a top performer back in the day. 

However, times have moved on, so its design, reminiscent of an upright corded vacuum, is a little dated (for instance it doesn't have a handheld mode, which means you can't use it for your car, and it doesn't come with any cleaning tools). If you aren't bothered about this, it could be worth a look.

dyson gen5detect absolute

Pick of the sticks: The Dyson Gen5detect Absolute is the highest-scoring stick vacuum from our tests.

The highest rated stick vacs from our tests:


The end of financial year (EOFY) sales can provide a more affordable opportunity to update that 10-year-old plasma TV that is eating up half of your electricity bill, or your old LCD TV that isn't quite as smart as you'd like. You may think that EOFY sale products are mostly old stock that has been around for a year or more.

Here's what CHOICE TV expert Denis Gallagher says: 

Samsung and LG both announced that their latest 2023 TV range would be available in April. But our buyers were still having trouble finding some of the models to buy for testing in May.

Some retail outlets also advised us that certain models were more likely to be available later in June, meaning that they may arrive just in time for the EOFY sales. Keep an eye out for the Samsung QA65LS03BAW, one of the 'frame' TV models, which is already being offered at a great price. 

Expect significantly reduced prices for some premium 2022 OLED TVs (G2 and C2 models) and don't assume a larger screen will always be more expensive. For example, we recently spotted a 65-inch LG OLED model marked down so significantly it ended up being $300 cheaper than the 55-inch version. 

Hisense has a range of 65-inch models rolling out in June… maybe. While we haven't tested them yet, the most interesting Hisense models to look out for in the EOFY sales include the 65-inch X8HAU and X9HAU OLED TVs that, as of early May, were discounted by $2000 and $1000 respectively, meaning they could be even cheaper by EOFY sale time. 

Sony traditionally drip feed their model releases from June all the way up to the end of the year, and 2023 is no different. Don't expect to see any 2023 Sony models in the EOFY sales. Instead, keep an eye out for 2022 models like the Sony XR65A80K OLED at very attractive prices. 

Look out for some good TCL deals on models that performed reasonably well in our testing but just missed out on a recommendation, such as the TCL 65C835.

Here are some more of Denis's recommendations:

lg oled65cspsa

Recently released LG: LG OLED65CSPSA

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 82%
  • Price: $3695

LG released this model very late in 2022 and it was a welcome addition to the market, providing a good-value OLED option for anyone unwilling or unable to pay top dollar for a C2- or G2-series OLED. 

Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate support for HDMI 2.1 on all four HDMI ports as well as Dolby Atmos and Vision IQ support. 

While our viewing panel found the overall performance for HD and 4K content to be better on the C2- and G2-series OLED models, the image quality was still very good overall. This model may very well be one of the best value options in the EOFY sales.

sony kd65x85k

Solid-performing Sony: Sony KD65X85K

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 77%
  • Price: $1695

Sitting in the middle of the Sony LCD range for 2022, this is a solid performer overall, with support for HDMI 2.1 and features such as high refresh rates at 4K. 

Sony claims that the TV can optimise the sound for your room and we found the audio performance had good separation, but was only OK overall. There is also a sensor that adjusts the screen brightness to suit the ambient light. 

The TV supports Apple Homekit, Google Chromecast and Alexa, and you don't need to speak into the remote for voice control because the mic is built into the TV. 

Expect to see this TV going cheap in the sales, particularly if the cheaper Sony KD65X80K (without HDMI 2.1 support) or the more expensive Sony XR65X90K run out of stock. 

lg oled42c2psa

And the award for best picture goes to... the 42-inch LG OLED42C2PSA.

The highest rated TVs from our tests: 

Coffee machines

We know coffee lovers are a passionate bunch, which is why our home espresso machine tests are judged by coffee industry veterans and our in-house experts. 

In their quest for the perfect cuppa, they assess key criteria including taste, temperature consistency, milk frothing, ease of use and cleaning.

Behold the best manual coffee machines from our current tests below, with two equal-scoring for second place. Also see our full review of manual/semi-automatic machines and automatic machines.

Highest rated models:

Air fryers

Our kitchen expert Fiona Mair has put plenty of air fryers through their paces in our test kitchen so we can tell you what's hot and what's not. 

Here's what she says you should keep in mind when shopping for an air fryer in the EOFY sales:

Look for models that have digital time and temperature features for better accuracy and models with auto programs. These are usually more expensive than the dial types.

Larger capacity air fryers can also be pricey, so make sure you're buying an airfryer that has the capacity you need for your household. Smaller capacity air fryers can be relatively cheap but may cost you more over time with continuous batch cooking.

Highest rated models:

Washing machines

Facing a mountain of endless laundry and need a machine you can count on? Our lab experts put washers through rigorous testing, assessing them on key factors including dirt removal, rinse performance, gentleness, energy and water use and more. 

CHOICE head of research and testing Matthew Steen recommends buying the base model if you're trying to save money on a new appliance. 

"Often washers, dishwashers and dryers have 'families' of models and they can all be essentially the same, with some models having additional features, programs or colours that are given different model numbers."

"Buying the base model gets you the product that matters. You may lose out on some features but you'll still likely get the same quality of performance and lifetime as the fancy expensive version of the same model," he says.

If you're hitting the sales, these are the frontrunners to look out for. See our full washing machines test reviews.

Highest rated models:


Life's too short for dirty dishes, especially when you're entertaining a crowd. If you're looking for a new model, you should know our experts meticulously test every unit for cleaning performance (with identically stained crockery), drying, energy efficiency, water use and program times so you can choose the best. 

Paying more for high-tech features is only worth it if you're actually going to use them, or if they genuinely affect the performance of the product. If you're trying to save money, it's best to stick to the basics. Decide on the features that are your 'must haves' and the ones that are nice but possibly not worth paying more for.

Often, previous models that have been superseded by the latest version will be available at a discounted price – and they may be almost identical, give or take a few features or upgrades.

Here are the models that dominated our dishwashing test – see our full dishwasher test reviews for more scores.

Highest rated models:

graham byrne fridge

We test fridges for food freshness, temperature stability and much more in our certified lab.


We've seen some dodgy fridges in our time, and often they're the ones you'll find heavily discounted in sales. 

CHOICE fridge experts have reviewed 65 of the latest models on the market in our lab tests, giving scores for things such as temperature stability and evenness, ability to keep food fresh, running costs and more. These fridges below were the standout performers. 

If you're considering other models, do exercise caution – see our full fridges test reviews to ensure you don't end up with a dud. 

lg gf b530bl

XL size and XL performance: the LG GF-B530BL.

Highest rated extra large (525+L) fridges:

Highest rated large (451–525L) fridges:

samsung srp405rw

It's a fridge-only model, but the Samsung SRP405RW freezed out the competition in the medium fridge category.

Highest rated medium (381–450L) fridges:

Highest rated small (300–380L) fridges:

Highest rated extra small (under 300L) fridge:

Stock images: Getty, unless otherwise stated.

We care about accuracy. See something that's not quite right in this article? Let us know or read more about fact-checking at CHOICE.