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Spot a Shonky

Got a Shonky you'd like to nominate? We're continuing our Spot a Shonky activities year-round, so jump on the CHOICE Community forum at to have your say.

2018 winners

At this year's annual Shonky Awards on 4 October we called out seven of the worst offenders for the shameless ways they've tried to spruik dodgy products and services. From potentially dangerous portacots to sugar-laden breakfasts masquerading as health foods, we've found there's no shortage of Shonkiness here in Australia.

See all our Shonky winners (or is that losers?).

To help narrow down the contenders, we invited readers to submit their own Shonkys in our Spot a Shonky competition. We received hundreds of entries and asked people to vote for their favourites.

People's choice

Earning a place in the top 12 People's Shonky were 'Cash N Go' instant loan machines, a Pete Evans alkaline water bottle that claims it'll make you healthier (despite a lack of any supporting evidence), and an outrageously priced deconstructed avocado on toast.

We tallied up the votes across our social channels, and our third most popular People's Shonky went to the big four banks for the numerous counts of downright unscrupulous behaviour that have been exposed by the royal commission.

In second place, a Gucci swimsuit with a $470 price tag and a serious catch – you can't get it wet.

But the top People's Shonky was Coles' Little Shop toys. While the latest range of miniature branded collectibles has found favour among some, many parents expressed concern over a potential choking hazard as well as the fact that the toys go against the supermarket giant's anti-plastic stance that led to the removal of plastic bags earlier this year.

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