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Shonkys 2010

With the Shonkys now five years old, you'd think most companies would be doing their best to keep their heads low and stick to the straight and narrow. But it sometimes seems they're begging for a lemon gong. 2010 saw Coles introduce its $10 meal recipes, fronted by chef Curtis Stone. However, when we did the maths, it didn't add up – or at least not to under $10. We calculated Curtis' $7.76 coq au vin would cost $37.74 if you bought all the necessary ingredients – including the integral half-litre of wine, which somehow wasn't included in the $7.76 worth of stuff you have to buy.

If that gives you a pain in the hip pocket, Nurofen probably has targeted pain relief for that, somewhere among its repertoire of different-yet-identical products for migraine, back pain, period pain etc etc.

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